Getting Over Someone Magick Ritual

This is a simple Magick Ritual for getting over someone or something.

As a a pagan you can be very much in favor of simplistic rituals, as opposed to, say, High (or anything even close to that). You can also feel that rituals work better if you mold them at least somewhat with your own ideas, so please feel free to mold this one. a
Write down whatever you want to get rid of on a . Make sure that you have meditated to be SURE that you want to get rid of it, because magick, of course, can have unexpected results. (“Be for–you just might get it.”) You can write down things you want to let go of, or a letter to a particular person, or whatever. Then take the letter somewhere, in or around nature. This should also be a place you will never have to go again (visiting the place again might stir up the old feelings/thoughts that you had wanted to let go of). Find a place where you can safely burn the letter and then do so. Feel free to further express yourself by ripping up the letter (as long as you can still burn the pieces), crying, screaming, stomping on the ashes — whatever else is safe but expressive that you’d like to do. Release all the /thoughts you want to let go of as the letter burns. Feel — visualize if you want — yourself letting go of everything. After you feel as if the ritual is complete, walk away from the place and don’t look back.