ancient talismans in South America

A characteristic object secured in the Province of Chiriqui, Republic of Panama, is a singular amulet of a fine quality of green translucent jade (jadeite). This is fashioned into a conventional representation of a parrot with a disproportionately long beak. The details of the bird-form are but roughly indicated, what is supposed to represent the head and body being but a trifle larger than the beak.
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ancient talismans as curative agents

An Anglo-Saxon treatise on the medical art, from the beginning of the tenth century, the original manuscript of which was owned by an Anglo-Saxon leech named Bald, as testified to by an entry on the title-leaf, gives the agate a prominent place as a talismanic and curative agent. More especially is its power over the demon-world emphasized.
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Gemstones – the benefits

Steeped in myths and legends, countless beliefs and fascinating tales are related about the mysterious powers of gems and precious stones. Wearing a blue sapphire, for instance, is believed to bring you a fortune, love, and release from prison! Since ancient times, gems and precious stones have been associated with the zodiac signs and continue to be credited with possessing power to bring luck and change the course of an individual’s life.

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