ancient talismans in South America

A characteristic object secured in the Province of Chiriqui, Republic of Panama, is a singular amulet of a fine quality of green translucent jade (jadeite). This is fashioned into a conventional representation of a parrot with a disproportionately long beak. The details of the bird-form are but roughly indicated, what is supposed to represent the head and body being but a trifle larger than the beak.
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Famous Thai talismans – CHUCHOK

CHUCHOK - Famous Thai talismansYou can ask for fortune, wealth, a beautiful wife, and unexpected richness from the talisman known as Chuchok’s idol.
Chuchok is thought by many Thais to be one of the very best talismans for bringing wealth and granting wishes. The talisman takes the form of an old beggar named “Chuchok”.

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