CHUCHOK - Famous Thai talismansYou can ask for fortune, wealth, a beautiful wife, and unexpected richness from the known as Chuchok’s idol.
Chuchok is thought by many Thais to be one of the very best for bringing wealth and granting wishes. The takes the form of an old beggar named “Chuchok”.

He was an old barman from Kalingkarat Province and was born to be a merit partner of Wesandorn Bhodhisat as “the taker” and “the giver” he was the one who fulfilled the merit power of Wesandorn Bhodhisat.

Chuchok became very rich from being a beggar. Among listed on board of and mysterious objects, Chuchok is recognized as excellent in fortune and favour. Senior monks and like to create this idol for their disciples because it brings about good luck to business.

The most popular Chuchok’s idol in Thailand belongs to Luang Phor Rod Buddhasanto of Wangnamwon Temple in Samutsakorn. He is a senior monk originated from Raman and recognized for his skill in magic. He is the master of Luang Poo Tien of Wat Boat and always adored by the Reverend Thep Sarikabutra.

Chuchok’s of Luang Phor Rod is made from carved ivory or carved jackfruit wood both considered auspicious and represent “favour and support”, now scarce and priceless