I have a spell for conjuring raw energies of the environment around you and focusing it towards a powerful goal. The results are usually immediate, and become more powerful with practice. Here is how it’s done:

You sit down with your legs crossed. You clear your mind and become one with yourself. Your mind truly needs to be clear in order for this to work. Then hold out both of your arms, and have your recessive hand hand and your projective hand in a fist, both arms parallel to each other. Feel the energies of the universe entering into your recessive hand and flowing through your body towards your projective hand. Let the energy build up in your projective hand until you feel you have an immense amount of energy. Then fling your arms to the right, open your projective and while doing this, and envision the energies flying towards your goal. Then recite
a quick that will best suite your goal.

This, if practiced, will become a very powerful and useful talent.


2 thoughts on “Conjuring Raw Energy – A ritual spell to conjure raw energy that you may put to use.

  1. Nice, siimple spell, I do a sort of variant of this when dancing. Care to chat and kick around some magical theory ideas and techniques. Email me, I’d love to have you as a sounding board.

  2. hi…my name is john…
    i am new at this and wondering on how do you know you have it(the ability to do magic) in you?
    currently, i am experimenting on a crystal pendulum and it seems to gather my own energy rather than energy from the spirits around me…any tips on how to emprove the accuracy of the pendulum…
    as of now, it can locate an item in my room by the use of a drawn plan(of my room)…but i wonder if the item’s location is unknown to me being, would the pendulum be able to locate it still?

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