you will need:
1 red candle for strength
2 white candle for healing
a with the persons name written on it
Now you begin by placing the s white left and right from the red
then u light the red candle, left white, then right white candle
while you are chanting these words;

I burn thy name so it shall be
cast out of my memory
(name of person) your name is as cold as ice
to get over you would be nice

this spell works best midnight during a full moon.


2 thoughts on “Getting Over Spell – A spell used to get over someone you love or loved

  1. Thanks for the spell 2 get over the person you love i will try it tonight but my sister in wiccan is new 2 the pagan ways but wanting 2 use this spell. is it safe for her 2 use it?

  2. Faith,
    Your sister is more than safe to use this spell if she needs it, if you or her wishes to feel much safer then have a circle of salt around her when she does the spell or if she does not wish to get salt on the carpet then have a little near by, this will ward off any unpleasantries.
    If you want to contact me then you are more than welcome to on my email:

    Best wishes,

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