You will need: a black candle; a sheet pf paper with the words: MY SECRET written in pencil on side, and your actual
secret on the other; and eraser (if there is already one on your pencil–fine.)

What to do: Light the black candle, say the following words while erasing the letter M:

As I erase one letter away

You’ll forget my secret (the person’s name) today,

And when the last letter is erased and burned

My secret to you–shall never return!

out the candle. Every night earse the next letter. When the letter T is erased, use the flame of the candle to burn the paper, and say: So it be!


3 thoughts on “Spell to make someone forget a Secret

  1. Hello, for the spell to make someone forget a secret what is pf paper and where would I be able to find it. If you could let me know I would really appreciate it.


  2. pf is of. The writer of this spell hasn’t written the word ” of ” correctly. It goes like this, ” a sheet of paper. „

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